Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

Kohen's first Christmas!!!

Our Christmas festivities started off on December 23rd. Jason, Kohen and I met about 30 of his relatives at El Chico in LR. We ate and played dirty santa. It was fun to see everyone and to show Kohen off.
The next day, on December 24th we met two of Jason's classmates from dental school for lunch. They had a baby 9 days before Kohen was born! So we got to exchange lots of baby stories! After lunch we headed to Bryant to my sisters house. We spent the afternoon cooking and playing with the kids. My parents had been in Colorado on a ski trip and their plane flew in around 4ish. As soon as my parents got to Bryant; Jason, Kohen, Shelley, Adam, Max, Maddie, Mom, Dad and I headed to the Christmas Eve service at Geyer Springs Baptist Church. It meant a lot to me taking Kohen to this church because this was where I was when I felt him kick for the first time. After the service we headed back to Shelley's to have our Christmas dinner. Jason had to make a trip back to Conway to load up all of our gifts and to pick up my gift that was delivered that afternoon to our house. We (adults) stayed up until around 2:30am getting ready for the big day.
On Christmas morning Kohen woke up around 7am. I got up with him. After about an hour and a half I was beginning to wonder when Max and Maddie were ever going to wake up to see what Santa brought them. I went to Shelley's room and woke her up. She woke the kids up. I went and woke Mom and Dad and Jason up so we could all gather in the living room to watch the kids run in. It was lots of fun to carry Kohen to his first "Santa pile" (even though he was sleeping most of the time!).
After all the gifts were opened and after naps, Jason and I headed to his parents house in Fordyce. We arrived around 4pm. Jeanie was busy cooking our yummy dinner and the kids were playing. Once everyone arrived we ate dinner. There was a full house: James, Jeanie, Jay, Angie, Tim, Samantha, Sydney, Wendy, Lauren, Jake, Katelyn, Julie, Michael, Christian, AnnaGrace, Jason, Kohen and I were all there. We opened gifts and stockings. We had so much fun taking pictures and visiting. Jason and I headed home later that night so we could get up early and shop the next morning.
I think Kohen's first Christmas was full of love, happiness and family. What a great year full of blessings. We can't wait for 2009!

Some of Kohen's gifts

Jason, Julie, Wendy, Jay, Jeanie and James

Smith family grandkids

Daddy and Kohen

Mommy showing Kohen his new frog!

Kohen laying in his new play mat

Poppy with Max and Maddie

Mimi passing out gifts from her and dads ski trip

Maddie and Kohen

Max, Kohen and Maddie

Max, Shelley, Adam and Maddie at the Christmas Eve service

Julie, Jennifer, Jason, Jay and Stephanie

Smith Family get-together at El Chico's

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