Monday, December 15, 2008

Kohen has been SO good today. He slept all night again! He woke up this morning around 6:30, I fed him, then he went back to sleep. My back was hurting really bad (like it does when I have a kidney infection) so Jason told me I had to go to the doctor before the infection got worse (I usually end up in the hospital for kidney infections unless I catch them early). I wanted to go to the doctor in Arkadelphia because I knew my mom would be the one running the tests on me. Soooo I put my sleeping baby in his car seat and we left Conway at about 7:45am. This was the first time I drove out of town with just me and Kohen, SCARY! He slept the whole way! Once we got to my moms office, Kohen was bright eyed, cooing and smiling at all the people in the office. After I saw the doctor I packed Kohen up and headed north. He feel asleep immediately. We stopped in Bryant and had lunch with my sister. Jason called and said it had started to sleet in Conway and the roads were beginning to get bad. Kohen slept through lunch so I didn't get a chance to feed him before we got back on the road. I started getting nervous because I knew he would wake up any minute and be really hungry. The traffic was horrible and once I merged onto I-40 we traveled anywhere from 20-40mph the whole way to Conway! I took us forever to get home. I was so thankful when I pulled up at my house and my baby was STILL sleeping! He is such a great traveler!

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Miranda said...

I just found your blog...I'm so excited! The hat looks really cute on Kohen. :)