Wednesday, February 18, 2009

cereal shmereal

Here is what I've heard..."OH Stephanie!  Kohen is going to just LOVE his cereal!".... You all lied to me.  He hates it.  I've tried several times, different consistencies, even some in his bottle...yeah, doesn't work... But we continue to try!


The Bost Family said...

Lucy didn't really like plain cereal either so we started adding vegetables to it. We started out with Carrots and she loved it!!

The Bost Family said...

She was 5 month but she started showing signs that she was ready for real food at like 4 months. We did plain cereal for maybe half a week and then started adding a different veggie each week and now we are doing fruits.
I would try it with some veggies mixed in, I think he will like it!!

Kyle, Mitzi, and Jackson Overturf said...

Too cute! It gets better!! I promise!