Sunday, February 22, 2009

4 months ago I was in labor

Kohen is 4 months old today!!! We don't go to the doctor for two more weeks though :( I'll update his stats after that appointment.
We're in the middle of moving right now (next door! HA!). Has anyone ever tried to move with a 4 month old??? It's almost impossible...We haven't been able to move anything that requires two people b/c one of us has to always be in the house with Kohen. One of us is always feeding him, holding him, or entertaining him. Even when he naps we can't get a lot done because we can't leave him in the house by himself! I stayed up until about 1a.m. working on things. Jason went to bed early(er) but got up to do the early morning feeding. Kohen and Jason are asleep right now so I thought I would get my blog out of the way for the day and get started on some things around the house while I'm babyless. Hopefully by tonight it will look more like we live in the new house!

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