Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Brother is ENGAGED

Scott proposed to Kristin Hines, his girlfriend of 2.5 years, yesterday!  It was Kristin's 24th birthday!  

Kristin, Scott, Shelley, Max, Mom & Dad met at our house to celebrate mine and Kristin's birthdays (mine was feb. 10 & hers was feb. 11).  When everyone arrived, Jason asked Kristin to help him wrap my new lap top in the guest room....while they were doing that (which by the way I had already opened my new lap top the day before, thanks Jason :)) Shelley and I were busy changing Max and Kohen into shirts that read "WILL YOU" & "MARRY SCOTT".  Jason and Kristin came out of the guest room with my "gift" and Kristin sat on the couch while Jason grabbed the video camera.  They told me to come in the living room and open my gift.  I walked in with Kohen's tummy facing me so Kristin couldn't read the shirt yet.  I asked Kristin if she would hold Kohen, I turned to give him to her and she read his shirt.  "WILL YOU"....then Max walked up and she read his shirt, "MARRY SCOTT?".  She said "WHAT???" and turned to Scott.  He pulled her up to stand and he got down on one knee and said "Will you marry me?".  She nodded yes, crying, and hugged him.  The past few minutes were filled with Kristin saying "oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!"  After all the excitement we loaded up to make our reservations.  Kristin didn't know at the time but her family was waiting at the restaurant to surprise her!

Kristin's ring is a radiant cut 1.4 carat on a cathedral setting.  BEAUTIFUL!

Scott and Kristin

Scott, Kristin, Kohen and Max

Kristin cried again when she read her card that said "Kristin Wood"

Mimi and Kohen

Kristin sees her mom at the restaurant...she screamed!

Kristin's mom


Christie, Kohen and Jason

Shelley, Mom and Dad

Scott and Kris


Julee Turner said...

aww!! That looks so fun! Congrats for your family!

The Cowart Family said...

WOW, lots of exciting things going on in your family-how WONDERFUL! I love the idea of how Scott proposed (so sweet & so original)!!

Kyle, Mitzi, and Jackson Overturf said...

LOVE that!! Too cute with the little ones too! :)