Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Pictures and Video

Happy Easter!!!  This morning we went to church with my Mom, Dad, Shelley, Max and Maddie.  It was a VERY rainy day.  After church we went to eat at Chilies and ran into my aunt and cousin!  We decided not to cook a big meal...instead we just made desserts.  This worked out well because we didn't have to clean the kitchen after lunch (and we had some fab desserts)!  We had to hunt Easter eggs inside since it was raining, but Max and Maddie didn't seem to mind!  Above is a picture of Kohen's very first Easter basket from the Easter Bunny :)  Don't miss the video at the end of this huge post!  Enjoy our Easter pics!
Kohen looking at what the Easter Bunny brought him

Daddy reading to Kohen

Kohen, Mimi and Poppy at church.

Kohen loved playing with Daddy's tie :)

Maddie, Poppy, Kohen and Max

The loves of my life :)

Maddie, Kohen and Max

These are the desserts I made for our dessert feast :)

Homemade Chocolate double-decker cake

3 kinds of Rice Crispy treats

"Cone" cakes with icing and candy on top

Shelley made these delicious blueberry tarts

Mom made this double-decker fudge

Shelley's preggo belly is starting to grow!!!

Shelley decided, since it was Easter, that Kohen HAD to put on Max's chicken outfit from when he was a baby!!!

I don't know if you can see the monogram...it's Kohen's initials  
Below is the video of Kohen seeing his Easter basket!

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