Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sitting in the buggy

Today was Kohen's first time to sit in the grocery cart without his car seat!  He LOVED it!  I had to put blankets on each side so it would make him a little more sturdy.  Shelley has been telling me to do this FOREVER but I just thought he was too little.  I was wrong, Shelley was right...there, I said it ;)  It was so nice to shop leisurely instead of making a mad dash before he got fed up with the car seat (he HATES his car seat).  Trips to the grocery store and wal-mart completely stress me out b/c I'm always so scared he'll throw a fit and I'll end up holding him while pushing a buggy with an empty car seat in it.  But that has all changed now!  What a great trip to the grocery store- Oh and by the way, he's taking his morning nap right now- woo hoo!  I have the best baby EVER!!!


The Bells said...

Very cute! I'll be excited when Zane is big enough for that, because if I put his carseat on the cart, I can't see over it! I have to put his carseat down in the cart, and then there's no room for goodies!

Does that outfit he has on have a monkey on it? I'm pretty sure it's the same one Zane has!

Stop by and see me sometime at Target...maybe it'll cheer me up about being at work :(

shelley said...

i love it when i'm right:)