Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fordyce on the Cotton Belt & Kohen's new jeep

Before we get into Fordyce and Jeep pictures, I wanted to post two sweet pictures of my cutie ;)

This weekend was the Fordyce on the Cotton Belt festival.  Jason, Kohen and I went to Fordyce for the afternoon to watch the parade and walk around the festival with Jason's parents, Julie, AnnaGrace and Julianne.  Kohen loved his first parade!

Poppa and Kohen takin' it easy

Kohen and Nana

Let the parade begin....with a TON of motorcycles!    VROOOM  VROOOM!

Gotta have the classic cars....

And only in Arkansas would you see just as many tractors!  I love this picture!!!!

This is Erica Jo....she was the winner of Nashville star a few years ago.  I only watched one season of Nashville star and it happened to be the season that she won, so I was pretty excited to see her! (later we got to hear her sing)

I love the Fordyce Redbug on the tuba!

These guys really shot their guns...very loud...

This is the new Fordyce ladder tuck

And of course, the parade ended with the horses.  :)  We had a great time!

This is Kohen's new walker!  He LOVES it!  He likes to honk the horn with his face-you'll have to watch the video below!

Honking the horn with his face!

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Delta Bost said...

Okay- two things. One, that clown is scary. Two, Kohen's cheeks are sooo adorable... and now he has found that he can use them to honk with! That is so great! Multitasking! I love it- now he has both hands free to take the wheel!