Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Night at the Bucks

Thursday night Jason, Kohen and I headed to Bryant to stay the night with my sister and her family.  Jason had a dental conference in Hot Springs on Thursday and Friday.  When we got there, Max and Maddie were so excited to see us (well....Kohen!).  They had set up the living room with all kinds of "baby" stuff for Kohen to play with!  We had such a great time with the Bucks- Shelley made homemade chicken-n-dumplings for dinner (and brownies, yum), we watched the famous Max and Maddie video, and on Friday M & M went to school while Shelley, Kohen and I went shopping in Little Rock.
This is a jumper the kids had set up for Kohen to play with!

Maddie is showing Kohen her stuffed Bee.  I wonder how many times I heard Maddie say, "Stetie, can I hold Baby Kohen???????"  :)  Hopefully Maddie-Boo will want to hold her new baby sister/brother as much as she wants to hold Kohen!!!

Shelley, Kohen and Maddie

I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!!!!!  Kohen always has his feet in his mouth, so I asked Maddie if she could do it too.....

Bath time!!!
Maxwell & Madelynn

Adam and Shelley givin some love to Koko

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