Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! We've had two Thanksgivings this year in two different locations. We left on Thursday to head down to Fordyce to be with Jason's side of the family. We had Thanksgiving lunch at his parents house. Below is a picture of the grandkids in the family (minus Jake, Katelyn and Jenna).
Kohen didn't know what to think about this baby that wasn't moving! lol

Kohen and Julianne

Kohen and AnnaGrace

Yummy :)

Nana cooking, cooking, cooking :)

Lauren and her boyfriend, Brennan

More food!

Poppa with his video camera!

This is Jason's plate!

Jason's brother, Jay, and Kohen

Playing in the front yard with Daddy

I'm so thankful for my sweet baby

After we left Fordyce we went back to Conway to pack for our second Thanksgiving get-together. We planned on leaving that night but decided to wait until in the morning to head up to my aunt's house in Rogers. I missed the early morning "Black Friday" shopping, but was happy I got to sleep in!

We got to my aunt's house around 1pm on Friday. Below are some pictures of her beautiful house.

Matthew, Poppy, Kohen and Maddie

I love these guys! Laura, Maddie, Natalie and Max

Jason, Matthew, David and Adam

Christie, Connie, Phillip and Mimi

My Dad

Jason and Dad

I made a cake and didn't use all the Eagle Brand...Mom and Christie LOVED eating the left overs!
Adam and Shelley watching TV outside

The kids playing in the theater room

Sweet baby Asa

Kohen taking a bath in the sink!

My sister giving Kohen a bath

Maddie, Asa and Max

Christie bought Max, Maddie and Kohen a Build-a-Bear for their birthdays

Maddie and Kohen

Woo Pig Sooie!!! It was so much fun to watch the Razorback/LSU game in the theater room!

The crew wasn't very happy when I turned on the lights to take a picture :)

Dinner is served! Eating again!

Bath time! Kohen, Maddie and Max

This was the first time baby Asa touched his toy on his bouncy seat! We were SO excited!

I love this little girl :)

Maddie and Max goofing off

We had such a great time with our families this Thanksgiving. We are so thankful for all of you! We love you so much!

Back in Conway...
Time for Christmas decorations! This is Kohen wondering what all these boxes are doing in his house!

He's pretty good at getting in the car... getting out is a bit of a challenge!

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Delta Bost said...

Sure weren't very many photos of you in there... make Jason take some of you silly!
Oh, and will you please give me lessons on how to keep your baby looking pristine throughout the day. Because I have a feeling my baby will have a sucker stuck in it's hair for the five years of it's life.