Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's a.....

Here's the stroy...
I went to the doctor at 4:00....  I had been counting down the hours all week.  Jason had to do an emergency root canal and was SO worried he was going to miss it.  Little did we know we would be waiting on my doctor for over an hour because he got called to the hospital to do a delivery!  I sat in the waiting room as nervous as I could be.  I couldn't quit bouncing my legs, or talking to Jason saying "TALK to me!!!  I'm so nervous!!!" and I also discovered I now had HUGE sweat rings under my arm pits (I took a picture but didn't post it because it was GROSS!)....  They finally called my name and did all my blood work and Dr. Cole FINALLY walked through the door.  
Within the first few seconds I saw on the ultrasound what looked like girl parts (yes, I've done my research and knew what to look for), but Dr. Cole didn't say anything, so I thought well, maybe I'm wrong.  After he checked some measurements and stuff he went back to the legs (very LONG legs- are we sure this is MY baby???) and "her" legs were crossed.  He started bobing up and down at my belly to try to get "her" (still getting used to saying "her"...) to open her legs.  I said "It BETTER open it's legs!  I've been waiting for this forever!".  Dr. Cole finally said something like, "It looks like a girl".  I think I said "NO WAY" and he asked if I didn't want a girl.  I said NO, I just have thought it was going to be a boy!  He said well it looks like it's a girl, It's about "80% probable"....  I said "Dr. Cole!  What am I to do with "80% probable?????" LOL.  He ended up changing it to 90% :)  I was so excited and gave him a really big hug :)  Jason and I left with big smiles and in disbelief.

One of my two favorite moments of "telling family and friends" that it's a girl was when I called my mom.  She was at work and when I told her she said "I just ran out of the lab with my clothes on that aren't supposed to leave the lab with spinal fluid, urine and blood splashed on them but I don't care because I can't believe you're having a GIRL!!!  And of course she was crying while saying all of this!  She by far was the MOST surprised (well, besides me).  Saying she is happy is an understatement!  
My second favorite moment was when Jason told his parents.  When he said the words "We're having a little girl", I started crying immediately.  It was the first time I heard him say those words and it was surreal.  

I feel great today.  But I do have to be honest.  I called my mom last night and cried because "it's NOT a boy".  I think she thought I was crazy.  I need you to understand that I am not sad it's a girl, I'm very happy and was secretly hoping for a girl.  BUT what is so sad to me is that I've had it in my head all this time that it was going to be a boy and I've been so excited to dress "him" in Kohen's old clothes.  It makes me sad to think that I won't have a baby wear his clothes again (Yes, I'm done having kiddos after this one!).  It's hard enough for me to pack away clothes and toys that Kohen has outgrown.  It made it bearable to know that my new baby would be wearing them.  BUT, with that being said.....  I have no doubt that my sadness will be completely washed away when I buy my first PINK onesie!!!!!!!  YAY!  I can't wait!!!!!  I also told my mom that I would have also cried if it was NOT a girl too....  so basically, I'm very hormonal and emotional no matter the situation!
I hope I don't leave you thinking I'm disappointed, because I couldn't be happier.  I love my baby girl and am so glad that Kohen will have a little sister he can protect from all those mean boys :)  Forget those boys having to go through Jason to get to her.... they'll have to deal with her Momma.

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Julee said...

SO fun!!!! You will love having both!!