Monday, January 7, 2013

Grief Share take 2

I had a good day yesterday!!!!  It's crazy that yesterday was a "good" day because all I did was go to Barry's funeral and started a new 13 week session of Grief Share.

It was a little strange being at Grief Share with a new group of people, but we all had one thing in common...death.  When it was my turn to talk, I said my name and that my dad had died 8 months ago. I told them that when I started GS the first time, for the first month or longer, I still didn't believe that my Dad was even gone.  I don't know what I missed in the first month of sessions because I was so numb, shocked, confused and making it only on adrenaline (which sounds strange).  The last month of GS is what helped me the most.  When the last session ended I didn't know I would decide to come back the next session.  I don't know if it was the holidays or what but I told my mom that I would like to do Grief Share again.  She agreed that we should.  Because we've been through the 1st lesson twice now, I was able to compare my feelings I had the first time to how I am today.  I was SO surprised to feel like I HAVE progressed!!!!!  I thought I would NEVER say that!  They teach us that when we have a good day, to enjoy it, because the next day you may fall apart again.  So I am taking their advice and I want to enjoy my good day.  I know I'm in between the ocean waves that come crashing down when I least expect it, but today, I will enjoy the calm water.

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