Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy Kids

Saylor is dancing in these next two pictures, lol

Julianne's 4th Birthday party at Jump Zone
Cousins: Julianne and Kohen coming down the slide...

Saylor and her cousin AnnaGrace

AnnaGrace & Julianne

Jason, Kohen & Julianne

Poppa, Kohen & Nana

This poor girl missed her nap because of the party.  She was SO sleepy when we got home!

Smith Grandkids + 1:
Front- Julianne, Kohen; Middle- Christian, AnnaGrace, Jenna; Back- Katelyn, Lauren, Saylor & Lauren's boyfriend, John

Night, Night time

sleepy baby

The next morning!

Helping mommy do laundry!


Cindy Daily said...

You are a good momma, Stephanie. With all of the grief you have had to deal with, you have still been able to create an environment where your children can be happy! <3

Fowl Ideas said...

Baby picture...baby picture...baby picture...Aaaaah!...The Cat!!

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