Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Capers + Golf

Today Kohen & I met my aunts, Connie & Christie, my cousin, Melanie and my mom and sister in Little Rock to eat at Capers for lunch.  It was such a pretty day, so we sat outside.  Connie and Kohen are in the picture above.  

Christie and Mom

The two preggo girls!  Shelley and Melanie

When Jason got home from work, we took Kohen out on the golf cart for the first time!  He LOVED it!!!  I had a hard time holding him still at first because he was wanting to look EVERYWHERE!  It was so nice to be able to do something outside instead of our normal inside routine.  We ran into three of Jason's buddies on the golf course and they were excited to see Kohen with us.  We even stopped by Dr. Leo's house to visit him and Lynne (they were outside doing yard work).  
Kohen and Mommy

Future Pro Golfer (or Dentist) -  Kohen Smith :)
Kohen was really excited to hold the flag stick.  He REALLY wanted to eat it!

I had to take a picture of this.  This picture basically sums up Jason's life!!! HA!

Kohen fell asleep on the back 9.  I loved holding my sleeping baby & cruising in the golf cart on a warm spring day :)


Mitzi said...

The picture of you holding Kohen while he's sleeping is beyond sweet!! :)

Claire said...

I *love* the last pic! Too cute!


Kristin said...

I have to agree, the pic of you and baby KoKo is super cute! I also love the one of Jason one-handed putting while holding Kohen!