Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Random Pictures

Here's my happy, happy baby!  He loved sitting up by himself on the couch!  

Peyton jumped up on the couch to get some lovin'

Still loves those tootsies!

My little man

See Mimi....He CAN wear flip flops!!!!

Please look at his cute little face in this picture and not his mis-matched outfit and bib!  I ALWAYS try to have him in a matching bib :)

Kohen loves his little golf cart toy

This is Kohen watching his Baby Einstein video on the way to Kansas City

Helping mommy do laundry!

Getting some love from Poppy!


1 comment:

Julee said...

Cute pictures! He is getting so big and I haven't even gotten to hold him yet!!! He needs to stop growing until I get to see him! :)