Monday, March 16, 2009

Toothbrush + Weekend in Fordyce

Dr. Hambuchen and his wife, Donna, gave Kohen this silver toothbrush.  It's so cute!  It even has a "K" engraved on it!

This weekend we went to Fordyce to visit Jason's parents.  This picture was taken at church.  Kohen and Julianne were both blessed this weekend!  

Jason's brother, Jay, Kohen and Jason's dad, poppa :)

Kohen and Julianne

Christian, Kohen and AnnaGrace


The Bost Family said...

Lucy was 6 months when she started to eat of the highchair. She started eating out of the bumbo and the only reason for that was because I couldn't find a highchair that I liked. I would have probably started her out in the highchair if I would have had one! Is Kohen ready for a highchair? How is the cereal going?

Stephanie Wood Smith said...

the cereal is great now. He loves it. I feed him in his bouncy seat, but it seems to lay back too far. I'll try his bumbo seat tonight to see how that works- every time I put him in his bumbo he can only focus on his feet! I have the tray attachment I can use though, maybe that will keep him from seeing his feet! I'll let you know how it goes :)

The Bobo's said...


He is just the cutest baby! I hope he likes older women because I am scoping him out for addie blaire!! please tell your sister i am so glad she started a blog, but sad i couldn't leave her a comment about how proud i am of her!! hope to see you guys soon!