Tuesday, September 8, 2009

HUGE post

Kohen and Daddy

Scott and Kristin came to visit last week. Kohen was so excited to see his Aunt and Uncle :)

This is the first time Kohen has touched grass! He didn't know what to think at first.

My sweet baby boy is growing up

Will it be a boy or a girl??? That's been the million dollar question for the past 9 months! My sister had her baby on September 2, 2009. One day after my Dad's birthday :)

This is a picture of Laura and Kristin waiting on the baby!

Scott, big brother Max, big sister Maddie and proud Daddy Adam
Hurry up and get that baby out!!!
Mom... waiting
It's time to push! Just waiting on the doctor to get there!
It's a..........BOY!!!! And I saw the WHOLE thing!!! I was in the room when Shelley gave birth. Let me tell ya, I'm glad I had a c-section! I'm so proud of my sister!
Kohen's not the baby anymore but we are soooooo happy to have Asa Jennings Buck in our family!!!

WHOOOOOO PIG SOOOOOOIE!!!!!!!!! It's football season! My FAVORITE time of the year! We bought the Razorback game on pay per view and had a few friends over.


Saturday we went to visit baby Asa. Kohen wasn't able to see him in the hospital so this is the first time they met! Kohen didn't really know what to think :)


The Pitts Family said...

Tell Shelley I said congrats! So glad I got to see pics of the new baby buck!

Delta Bost said...

Why has Kohen not touched grass until now? Are you keeping him in a bubble?

Asa is beautiful!!