Wednesday, September 16, 2009


The red and white blocks in this picture are very special to me. These blocks used to be at my Grandmommy and Grandaddy's house in Stamps. As far back as I can remember, I remember playing with these blocks when I was a little girl. Not only did I play with these blocks, but so did Shelley, Scott, Melanie, Alex, Phillip, Laura, Matthew and Natalie (Charlie wasn't born yet before the blocks left Stamps). We all (especially the older grandkids) have such fond memories of these blocks. We would build houses and towers with them. We would build them up then run into them and knock them down. We (the grandkids) always had so much fun at my grandparents house. The trampoline, the garden, the hot tub, Alice in Wonderland, going to take the trash with Grandaddy, Church, Christmas, the burn pile, Easter egg hunts, and the red and white blocks. These were some of my favorite things :)

This year on Labor Day....we got a babysitter!!!!! We asked our niece Lauren if she would babysit Kohen while Jason and I went on a date! We left around 2:30ish and went to the mall in LR. We then went to a movie (a horrible movie, don't EVER go see District 9). After the movie (and about 20 phone calls to Lauren) we decided we should go buy Kohen a gift for his first "extended" time with a babysitter! We went to Toys R Us in LR. Jason and I went our separate ways. I went to the baby stuff and he went to the big boy stuff. After I had looked around I went to look for Jason. This is what I found......

Yes, this is my husband sitting Indian style on the floor in the toy store looking at toys.... It cracked me up. I had to take his picture! We ended up not getting anything at the toy store and went to Best Buy and bought Kohen his very own DVD player for the backseat! He was so happy to see Mommy and Daddy when we got home 6.5 hours later! He had so much fun with his cousin Lauren!!!

So, these are bite marks...Kohen is destroying his beautiful (expensive) crib. I kept finding black stuff in his mouth and could not figure out where it came from. I discovered the bite marks on the front of the crib. Jason and I bought a plastic strip to lay across the front of the crib...well, he's now moved on to the sides...

Saturday we went to visit my sisters family at their house. My parents were also there. We had a good time in the backyard.

My Dad is an idiot :) This is Max's helmet!


Dad again...

Shelley and baby Asa

Poppy and Max

Adam and Max

Maddie :)


Future Razorback

After we left Shelley's, we met up with Jason's parents.
Nana, Poppa and Kohen

The Smith's!!!

Kohen and I stopped by to see Jason at his office one day last week. This is a picture of Kohen and Dr. Leo aka "Uncle Leo". :)

And last but not least..... We have ANOTHER baby in our family!!!!!! We are so excited to welcome Kohen's new cousin (My cousin Melanie and her husband Ben)'s new baby!!! He was born yesterday, September 15, 2009. I hope I get these stats right...His name is Graham Warren Trotter, born at 2:58pm, 9 lbs 12 oz, and 20.5 inches. He is SUCH a beautiful baby! Melanie and Ben are now the happy parents of a girl and a boy!
Graham Warren Trotter

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Delta Bost said...

Somehow the picture of Jason doesn't surprise me at all... always inquisitive. Great photos! Glad to see your dad is still silly as ever!