Tuesday, September 29, 2009

In Control

So...we've been trying the self feeding again. This time we did more dry foods instead of mashed potatoes :) This is key, HA! Kohen is feeding himself great! AND he's not getting too messy. Notice in the picture below he doesn't even have a bib on!!! He's been eating peas, carrots, cut up chicken, pasta and different types of Gerber soft sticks for lunch and dinner. The first night I fed him peas, Jason and I couldn't believe our eyes when he kept eating them all and wanting more! I swear I refilled his plate with peas and carrots at least four times! I called my mom and told her that Kohen had eaten more peas in one sitting than I've eaten in my entire life!!! The only meal I spoon feed him is his oatmeal in the morning (BUT, I let him feed himself the messy bananas). Now if we could just master the sippy cup....
Look at that CLEAN face :)
I refilled his plate tonight twice! He loves his grown up food! AND, I only picked up three peas off the floor when he was finished!

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