Friday, October 30, 2009

Maddie turns 4

My niece's (Maddie) birthday is 3 days after Kohen's birthday. She had a "Wicked Witch" party at Mill's Park in Bryant. Maddie loves to sing to the Broadway soundtrack of "Wicked". Her favorite song is "Popular" :) When Shelley asked her what kind of birthday party she wanted to have this year, Maddie quickly said a Wicked Witch party! Maddie even had the real Wicked Witch come to her party (my SIL, Kristin, HA!). Poor Kristin went all out for Maddie-Boo. She painted her face, neck, arms and hands green, put on purple eyelashes, purple lipstick AND purple finger nails! And of course she had a witch hat and costume. Maddie never knew it was Kristin underneath all the make-up. She thought the Wicked Witch had really come to her party! She even asked Shelley if she would call the Wicked Witch after the party to see if she could come play the next day :)

This is a pic of Maddie and Kohen riding in the wagon

Three little girls surrounding my baby boy :)

Mimi taking Kohen and Max on a ride

Kristin, Maddie and Scarlet

Maddie and the Wicked Witch!

Baby Asa

These are the kiddos that came to the party

Poppy taking Kohen to see the tennis players

Daddy and Kohen on the slide

Maddie and Kristin


Maddie and Max

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