Monday, October 5, 2009

Branson Trip

Friday afternoon around 5 we decided to go to Branson for the weekend! We didn't leave Conway until 7pm so we got there around 10pm. We weren't able to go out and do anything the first night but it was nice waking up and already being there. We stayed at Thousand Hills in a studio condo. This was very interesting to say the least! It was very nice and I loved it BUT, since it was a "studio" condo that meant 1 big room....so getting Kohen to sleep for the night and for naps the next day was very interesting! We were also a little worried about how he would sleep in the pack-n-play since he's gotten used to his crib. He did GREAT!!! He slept till almost 10am both mornings!!! WOW!

Wake up Daddy!!!! Mommy's ready to go shopping!!!

Kohen's first trip to Krispy Kreme! No...those are not donuts he's eating :) He's eating granola, strawberries and bananas :) Although, I did give him one bite of my donut :)

Ready, set, go shopping!!!! I used to HATE going to children's stores with my sister to shop. BUT, now that I have a kid, it's my favorite thing to do!!! Look at all of these great stores we went to!

Kohen learned how to say "No" this weekend. Actually he says "nonononononono". It is the cutest thing ever :)

We watched the water and fire show at Branson Landing. Kohen thought it was pretty cool.

We forgot to bring his portable highchair. This is a pic of my poor baby having to eat breakfast sitting on the floor!

It was SOOOO cold while be were in Branson. We bought Kohen 3 jackets while we were there!

Kohen got his first St. Louis Cardinals bat!
We had such a fun little family trip. I can't wait to go back when Kohen is a little older so he can play putt-putt and ride go-carts!

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