Tuesday, July 27, 2010


There's no mistaking it!
Kohen pooped in his potty!

Here's the story:
I finally made it to one of my favorite parts of the day... the part where I hand Kohen over to his daddy and I get to take a nice hot bath and read. I had just settled in, the water was perfect and I was just starting a new chapter in my book. Suddenly I hear running, then the bathroom door swings open. It's Jason. He's yelling at me to HURRY and COME LOOK! I said "Jason! I can't!". He said "It doesn't matter! You HAVE to!". So I hurriedly jumped out of the tub, knocking my book in the water. I was trying to get my book out and wrap up in a towel while I was dripping water everywhere. I ran to Kohen's bathroom just in time to see a pile of poop in his little potty! I couldn't believe it! We praised him and made a big deal about it. Jason looked at the poop in his potty and said "now what?". Hummm. That sucks. You have to clean the poop out of the dang potty! Now I'm wondering if we should have gotten one of those potty's that sits on the big potty....anyway....Kohen watched as Jason dumped the poop in the big potty and flushed. He thought that was pretty cool. I don't know how the potty got cleaned...I went back to my hot bath :)

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