Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Something to blog about - haircut #2

The blog world has been pretty slow today, so I thought I would post something.
I took Kohen to get his 2nd haircut yesterday. His first one went GREAT! I wanted to take him back to Megan but didn't think she could fit him in as a walk-in so I decided to try "Crewcuts and Pigtails" in Little Rock. I heard it was really neat because the kids get to sit in cars or planes while they get their hair cut. Sounds good, right??? Wrong. Look at the picture below...
Do you see that white train table in the background??? This train table made Kohen's haircut a challenge. He didn't give two flips about the neat airplane he was sitting in because ALL he wanted to do was get down and play with the trains.

I was THAT mom carrying a screaming, kicking baby out of the hair place. I think I'll stick with a place that's not so over stimulating from now on (Megan here we come!)!

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The Bells said...

I was THAT mom, too! Zane didn't want to get out of the car, so he kicked and screamed all the way out! Just read my "Hot days, haircuts, and hissy fits" blog....