Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Time Out + Sonic + Crazy Kid

I've really been struggling as far as not knowing what to do, or how to punish Kohen when he does something unacceptable. A lot of the time when we get on to him or say NO he will laugh sooo hard and think it's hilarious. It's very frustrating. I've reached my breaking point a couple of times and took Kohen to his room and put him in his crib "explaining" to him that he did something wrong. BUT, I don't want him to think of his crib as a "bad" place. I want his crib to be a safe, comfortable place. So basically his discipline has just been us saying a firm "NO" and telling him why we said no. I don't really know if he gets it or not... A few posts ago on Kelly's Korner Blog, she talked about putting her daughter, Harper, in a Time Out spot in their guest bedroom....and it worked! Harper is 3 months younger than Kohen so I thought maybe we could start trying that!
So, if I'm going to do the "Time Out" thing...I'm gonna do it right :)....

Here's Kohen's very own Time Out Spot!

This is the first time Kohen saw his mat... he kept walking across it...

Hopefully he won't be spending too much time here! (I put it in the hallway between the two guest bedrooms)


I go to Sonic everyday. I can't remember the last time I skipped a day. I get a route 44 diet coke for $2.19... On this particular day I thought I would get Kohen a drink! He got a strawberry-banana-yogurt smoothie (yack). I waited until we got home to give it to him, just in case their was a big mess :)
(blurry pictures thanks to my iphone and a very eager toddler)

This picture makes me laugh! He's got the "I'm not so sure about this" look!


And this photo is for my mom...yes, mom, my childhood is coming back to haunt me. If only Kohen could have taken after his sweet, follow all the rules, never get in trouble daddy instead of his wild child, fearless mom...

And just in case you didn't know I was a psycho mom... this is what Kohen's crib looks like now after the "incident"! I DO have to thank Sasha for putting this pillows around the crib idea in my head! lol


Julee Turner said...

Oh my! Matt Turner will also be the dad that puts pilows around the crib!! He will be crazy protective! Poor child! :) Kohen is just so cute, I can't imagine him having to go in time out! Hope you guys have a good weekend! I wish I lived closer so I could come spend a day at your beautiful pool! :)

Mitzi said...

Steph, only you would personalize a cutie "time out mat"! :) I was the same way about putting Jackson in his room when he was in trouble! Time outs have worked GREAT for us! Hope you have luck with them! And as for Sonic, we got on a kick of Apple Juice Slushes for a while! :)