Friday, July 23, 2010

2 MAJOR things happened

Major thing #1:
Yesterday morning I heard a loud "thud" over the monitor. Loud crying immediately followed. I jumped out of bed and ran to Kohen's room. I thought to myself, either he threw a big toy out of his crib or HE was out of his crib. When I got to his room I looked in the crib and he was not there, but he was also not on the floor in front of the crib...
Finally I saw a teary, red faced little boy BESIDE the crib! He had somehow fallen off the side in between the crib and his closet. I ran and scooped him up and told him I was so sorry :( I think it scared him more than it hurt him. Although, he was rubbing his head after it happened. I can only imagine how his little body hit the ground. :(

So here's where it all went down....
He fell to the right side of the crib by that blue toy thing and the closet door. He may have even fallen on the blue toy thing, I don't know.

I think this is HOW it happened...
Do you see the bumper in the corner of the crib?... I think he stood on this and kicked his leg over...
The bumper has been permanently removed from the crib.
It made me SUPER sad to remove this bumper. I cried. I remember the first day I laid Kohen in his crib. I'm going to miss this bumper embroidered with his initials.
bye, bye bumper :(


A few random pics...

Like father like son....

Thank you Cindy for the STL Cardinal shirt! It was so nice of you to think of Kohen while you were in St. Louis :) Go Cards!

Major thing #2:

Kohen went pee pee in the potty!!! (we think...)
Kohen was taking a bath and he squatted like he was going to potty. So, I quickly picked him up and put him on the potty. Usually he will not sit on the potty long, but this time he sat for a good 5 minutes. He kept looking down at his little penis (yes, I just said penis), and then he would look at us. I peeked between his legs and saw pee! Jason and I acted like fools. We were celebrating BIG time! Kohen was so happy and kept saying YAY and clapping.

BUT, when I went to dump the pee, it was clear-ish....I showed Jason and he said "Well smell it!" So I did. It kinda smelled like pee...I think...????? Was it just the bath water that had dripped off of him when I picked him up to sit on the potty? Or was it really pee? So, we don't know. We don't know if we "count" this as Kohen peeing in the potty for the first time or not.
If nothing else, he DID sit on the potty for a long period of time and he DID get to see how happy we were when he "peed"...


More random pics...

It's HOTTTTT outside!!!!!
Kohen always reaches our hand to the door handle and says "side" when he wants to go outside.

Waiting on the door to open :)

Up, up and away! This was before bed.... (sorry, the camera setting was WAY off)

He didn't want to go to bed without his blue blanket!

Kohen puts it up to his face and says "Awwwwwe". It's so sweet :)

In the air again! This time with his blanket...

Kohen always lays down and rolls his cars back and forth. He watches the wheels VERY closely!
I love this sweet boy.

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Brandi said...

My baby started climbing out of the bed at 18 months and that's after we had already taken the bumper out. He did it 4 times in one night. UGH!!! We had to take his crib down and get his big boy bed ready. SAD!! Kohen is precious! Sweet boy!!