Sunday, July 18, 2010


Jason and I flew to Seattle for Ryan and Beth's wedding! It's the furthest we've ever been away from Kohen and for the longest time :(. We left for the airport EARLY Thursday morning and I was crying before we turned out of our neighborhood. Thanks to Lauren, Jason's parents and my parents for taking care of our sweet baby while we were gone!

This is Jason driving our Hummer rental car!

Oh these boys!!! I don't EVEN know where to begin! These boys have a bond like no other. They love each other like brothers and would do absolutely ANYTHING for each other.
Jason, Ryan, JZ, Jo Jo, Robbie and Nate



Beth and her dad

the HUGE wedding party!

Beth and Ryan

Jo Jo, JZ, Jason and Robbie

Lindsey, Me, Gina and Kristi

Beth and Ryan outside of the restaurant where the rehearsal dinner was held...

Jason and JZ

JZ, Jason and Robbie

Gina, Me, Kristi, Miranda and Beth

This was the view from the restaurant where we ate lunch the day of the wedding...

Ready for the wedding! Doesn't my hubby look so handsome :)

No telling what conversation was going on between these crazy guys....

I love these next few pictures. The wedding photos were taken before the wedding, so this is the moment Ryan first saw Beth in her dress...

Ryan is standing at the bottom of the hill and Beth is walking down to him...

It was such great weather while we were in Seattle. I think it was around 68-70 degrees.

We had fun in our Hummer!

Ryan and Jason

the Wedding



Here comes the bride!!!

Jason, Blake and Jo Jo

Congrats Ryan and Beth!!!

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Delta Bost said...

I can't believe Ryan got married! Looks like ya'll had fun! :)