Friday, July 9, 2010

Daddy's Home! + VIDEOS

Do you see anything in common with me and this bikini model???
I don't either...BUT, the blue strapless swimsuit at the bottom of the page (sorry for the poor picture) is MY blue strapless swimsuit that I blogged about earlier this spring/summer! I saw this in PEOPLE magazine and was pretty excited that my swimsuit made the list! Especially since it's a "tummy control" swimsuit! Anyway, just thought I'd share that :)...on to more important things like....my baby.
This was Kohen's face when he saw his daddy coming through the door of the playroom :)
Every day Jason comes home from work and walks through the door, Kohen immediately runs and lays on the ground for his daddy to "get" him :)

My sweet baby boy

The 1st video is of Kohen going down a slide at Play World in Conway... He loved that slide! He would always turn on his belly half way down!
In the 2nd video I was trying to catch Kohen doing the sign for "more". He was so interested in his train and saying "choo choo" that I almost didn't get it. But, he did it in the end :)

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