Sunday, March 13, 2011

16 weeks preggo

I lay awake at night thinking about if "it" will be a boy or girl.  We find out on March 30, 2011 at 4:00pm what the sex is.  I'm about 99.9% sure it's a boy.  I find myself thinking about Kohen's little newborn outfits and how excited I am to be able to use all of his clothes again....  I wonder what in the world I'm going to do in the new nursery that won't make Kohen jealous that it's not his room- so pretty much that includes trains, planes and automobiles....

I'm starting to feel a little better.  I still have days of nausea, fever and exhaustion, but at least there are fewer days like that.  I am starting to show.  It makes me happy this time.  It freaked me out a little the first time around, but now that I already have the stretch marks and flabby belly from my first pregnancy, it's not as big a deal for my belly to grow! 
I washed and hung up all of my maternity clothes recently.  I'm a little worried about how they're going to fit this go around....since I had my breast reduction....  I may not be able to fill them up like I used too!  THAT will be a GOOD thing! lol

I'll leave you with this picture....Kohen is ALL boy!


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