Sunday, March 6, 2011

What's in a Name?

This is a picture of Jason's Grandfather.  Theodore Pryor Smith.  This is also where Kohen gets his middle name!  I think it is AMAZING how much Jason and his grandfather look alike!  The picture is copied on a copy machine, so it's not very clear....

T.P. Smith
This is what Jason's Dad wrote about this picture:  "Dad, as a young man, I believe around 16 years old. He would conquer the art of guitar playing and go on to form his own band and tour mostly south Arkansas.  He and his band played on live radio at the grand opening of KELD radio station in El Dorado.  He could have gone on and made it big in Nashville, TN, but he chose instead to stay in Dallas County and raise a big family.  For this I'll be forever grateful."  -James H. Smith

T.P. Smith

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