Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Trampoline

We are the proud owners of a new trampoline!
Kohen loved jumping on the trampoline at my sister's house, so we decided we would get one too!  The only problem is, is that this trampoline didn't come with "Maddie" to jump on the trampoline with him!  
It was no easy task setting this tramp up.  We thought we had level enough ground to put it on.... but we were wrong.  So, Jason had to dig trenches into the ground to get it level.  The whole process took about 3 days (or should I say nights...with flashlights....).

Jason's dad was at our house the first day we started putting the tramp together....

Saturday morning Jason let me sleep in.  I woke up to an empty house.  I finally found my boys in the backyard jumping.  So I grabbed my camera and took a million pictures....and yes, I posted just about all of them...

(Kohen is still in his pj's!)

I think Daddy is tired :)

TIme to slide!

Later that day....  We got the pj's off, but still no pants on :)

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