Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lovin Life

My son.... the dentist :)

We have had SO much fun playing outside lately in this nice weather!

This is our next door neighbor, Ashton.  Kohen and Ashton are about 4 months apart.  They LOVE playing together!

He always has his tongue out!

Daddy having fun throwing Kohen in the air...

Next day....  playing outside with Ashton again :)

Sweet boys!  We look forward to these two growing up together.  

Jump time!  Kohen and Ashton on the trampoline...

Later that day, we headed to the golf course....

(Jason doesn't usually wear scrubs to the golf course.... he worked earlier this day)

We forgot to bring Kohen's golf clubs, so after he was trying so hard to hit the ball using Jason's clubs, we ended up going back to get his clubs....

Kohen was watching his Daddy very closely and doing just like his Daddy did!

I think these boys could stay out here all day!

One of Kohen's favorite things to do... feed the ducks!  

These are my two favorite ducks.  They are there, in the same spot, everyday.  We drive up and stop our golf cart and they immediately come out of the water and waddle up to us :)

I was getting ready for bed last night and I saw Dentin sitting there and I thought he looked so pretty, so I took a few pics.  He desperately needs another haircut...  I can't believe my "first born" is about to be 8 years old!  I love you Dentin!!!

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