Wednesday, November 11, 2009


A few days ago we purchased a child bike seat for the back of my bike. I've been wanting one forever it seems like. I remember having one when I was a kid. Kohen loves riding in his stroller and his wagon, so I knew he would just love riding with mommy on a bike! Jason assembled the seat (which took forever) a few nights ago for me to use the next day. I took Kohen on a very short test run that night to make sure I could handle putting him in the seat and taking him out by myself while balancing the bike. He cried when we took him off the bike because he wanted a longer ride! I was so excited to take him on a real bike trail the next day!
The next day finally came and I loaded Kohen up in the Xterra. Then I attempted to load the bike....OMG, it doesn't fit! I thought after taking out part of the backseat it would surely fit. Nope. Wasn't gonna fit. I was DETERMINED. I had waited this long, I was GOING to make it fit. So, I thought, well maybe I can just take off the front wheel. I figured out how to slide the bar out after fiddling with it forever. But I couldn't slide it all the way off because of the brakes. Really??? There has to be an easier way.... I tried and tried and tried to figure it out. Meanwhile, my poor baby was waiting for me in his car seat. I ran inside, grabbed my laptop and brought it out to the car. I searched online on how to take off the front wheel of a mountain bike. Finally, I found a video that explained how to do it. After watching and pausing, watching and pausing, I FINALLY got the front wheel off!!! I was so excited! I crammed that dang bike and front wheel in the Xterra and we were on our way! When we got there, I opened the hatch and I thought, crap, now I have to put it back together! After reassembling the tire, I tried it out before I put Kohen on the back. The front wheel wouldn't turn! Once again, I was determined to figure this out! With no internet access at the trail, I figured it out. Trial and Error. The bike was working perfectly! I got my baby, put his helmet on and we were on our way! He loved the ride. I loved the people smiling at us :) Kohen's new thing to say is "What's that?". He said it over and over throughout the ride. After about 30-40 minutes, I could tell it was close to nap time so we headed back to the Xterra. I successfully got Kohen off the back of the bike and in his car seat. And then, of course, I had to take the front wheel off again (this time with an audience of fellow walkers/bikers) and load it in the car... determination.


Mitzi said...

Oh this is great! LOL! And I am totally impressed with a 30-40 minute trail ride! Good for you and Koehn both!

Cindy said...

Oh my! You are so brave to ride a bike with Kohen on the back! I am sooo proud of you! I would be too scared I would crash!

Stephanie Wood Smith said...
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