Sunday, November 8, 2009

Shelley, this post is just for you :)

My sister has made fun of me for holding Kohen's bottles for him while he drinks. Now that he is a year old... I've finally given in and let him hold it :) It just drives me crazy when he turns it upside down and chews on the bottom and milk drips out! When I hold it for him, THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN!!! But, my sister made fun of me just enough that I listened :)
Speaking of bottles...when do you stop giving a baby/toddler a bottle? Kohen hasn't had his 1 year check up yet and I have so many questions. He just now is able to use a sippy cup (kind-of). And I'm still giving him formula just because I don't know the rules about real milk. Can anyone help me? What have your pediatricians said to you? His 1 year check up won't be until he's almost 13 months old, so I'm just continuing with what I've been doing until I hear differently! (Oh, and you can see in the pictures the big bruise on his head is MUCH better!)


The Bells said...

Well....we're still a few months away from the big O-N-E, but according to Matt they're supposed to be off of the bottle at one year. At our last pediatrician appointment, he told us to make sure we're only putting formula in the bottle...all the "good stuff" (juice, whole milk, water) goes in the sippy cup. That's supposed to make them want the sippy cup instead of the bottle. Also, you can switch from formula to whole milk at one year....assuming he's been on a formula that is cow milk based and has shown no problems.

Don't they look like such big boys holding their own bottles? :)

Julee Turner said...

My friend Jennifer was told at Brody's one year that he should be off bottles. He can have cows milk in his sippy cup 3 times a day during meals. The rest of the time he has water in his sippy. He is so stinking cute holding the bottle though!

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