Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Kohen has been really good about going back and forth between playing in the living room then walking to his room to play, then back to the living room, back to his room, etc.... I was in the living room and I could hear laughter coming from the direction of his room. SO, I assumed everything was ok and I continued doing what I was doing. After about a minute, I decided to go check on him (and to see what he was laughing at). This is what I found....

I wasn't fast enough with the camera to actually catch him playing with his toy in the toilet water, so this picture will have to do :) We usually have the bathroom door closed for obvious reasons.... but Kohen found it wide open this morning and decided he would take advantage of the opportunity!

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The Bost Family said...

How funny! I caught Lucy cleaning the toilet with a fly swatter. I don't know why they think it is so funny to play in the toilet.