Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thanks Mimi and Videos

My mom has been telling me that I need to give Kohen at least one area in the kitchen where he can open and close the cabinet door and pull stuff out. To me, that just sounded like a preventable mess! Why did I have to give up one of my neatly organized cabinets so he could pull things out, just for me to have to wash everything every time he did it?! Because he's my son and I love him (and my mom told me to) I gave him his own cabinet. Yes, it's the smallest cabinet in the kitchen, but at least it's all his! Mom was right, he LOVES it! He plays with the stuff in that cabinet ALL the time. I took out everything I use frequently and put stuff in there that I didn't have to have. SO, it's all worked out :) I'm getting used to kitchen utensils all over my kitchen and living room floors! At least my baby is happy, and he thanks his Mimi very much :)

These are some videos that I've been meaning to post the past few weeks:

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