Friday, April 2, 2010

Grandparents and Gettin Naked

Thank You Poppy, Mimi, Nana and Poppa for taking care of Kohen (and ME, LOL) during and after my surgery! We LOVE you!!!
(I wish I had a pic of Kristin and Scott too :()
This picture was taken when we got home from my surgery. Our parents were anxiously awaiting our arrival! Aren't you curious to see my surgery pictures??!! Yeah Right! LOL! I think I'll keep those to myself! HA!

So, I came across these next few pictures and I had to ask Jason about them because I have no recollection of when this happened! He said, "Stephanie, you were right there with us watching him! You even held his shoulders while he rode!". I think they're hilarious! I just wish I could remember watching him! Guess the pain meds were doing their job during this!

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