Wednesday, May 19, 2010

19 Kids and Counting

Do you remember my post about the TLC tv show "19 Kids and Counting"??? Well, the episode aired last night of when we saw the Duggars at the Zoo...

I took a picture of my TV.
Jim Bob Duggar is in the middle of the screen with a few of his kids....

Oh, but wait!!!...... Who is that on the left hand side of the screen???.... Why, it's ME AND KOHEN!!!!! LOL! I laughed SOOOO hard when I saw us on TV! And yes, I'm taking pictures of the Duggars the whole time-HA!

Here's a very blurry close up of Kohen and I.
So this marks my 2nd time to be on "real" tv (not including local stuff)! (The first time I made my big tv appearance was at the 89th PGA Championship. I was in the gallery watching Phil Mickelson tee off, HA!) Maybe I need to be a TV star :)

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The Bost Family said...

You are famous! I had the show DVRed and watched it this afternoon and got the biggest laugh out of seeing you and baby Kohen!