Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bad Mommy

I don't "cuss" very often. When I do, it's not because I choose to. It just seems to blurt out without me thinking before I speak. Like I said before, it doesn't happen very often BUT... when I was changing Kohen's dirty diaper and he slammed his feet (shoes and socks) into his poopy diaper... I cussed... AND he repeated me... No more bad words are coming out of this mommy's mouth (hopefully).


The Bost Family said...

This cracks me up. Don't worry about it Lucy said the s word in front of my grandma at christmas. I may have to blog about that story I totally forgot about it. I now watch my mouth!

Miranda said...

I've said a few of those words around my nephews and they may repeat them for a few minutes, but luckily they forget quickly! :) I love Kohen's new haircut!