Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Play Room

Kohen's playroom is about 99% finished. I just need to hang a few more pictures and buy a bookcase before it's 100% complete. It's a pretty large room. The pictures don't do it justice. One of my favorite things about this room is that if you walk through the door below, it leads into MY playroom! It's my art room. I'll post pictures when it's finished. It's nice that we each have our own little "outlets" to go to. Jason has his "man cave", Kohen has his playroom and I have my art room! And, I'm able to watch Kohen play while I'm in my room- I just open the door and the baby gate is between us (I would hate for him to get into my exacto-knives!). Here are some pics of Kohen's playroom...

I painted the paintings of the monkey, giraffe and zebra...

This is another favorite of mine- the skylights. We're able to play during the day without turing the lights on!

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