Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cheese Ball

This is my little Cheese Ball :)

This weekend our neighbor's little boy turned 1 year old! Kohen had so much fun running around playing with the kids. Here are some pics from the party:

Julie, Trey and Preston

Me and Kohen... doing what I do best... eating cake

This was Kohen throwing a hissy fit on the ground...

This is Adam and Jason (probably talking about golf)... Our house is in the background...

And finally...the BIRTHDAY BOY! This is Ashton with his momma, Ashley, and daddy, Adam

Ashton and Adam

And this picture is the story of my life.... Kohen pulling on me to do something :) LOL

Back home at our house, Kohen and I took a dip...

What a fun day :)


The Bost Family said...

I can't believe how big Kohen looks with his new hairdo. He is so cute!

P.S. I have that white shirt you were wearing. I think it was on my last blog post!

Miranda said...

I was expecting a post about cheese balls (the snack food) but all the pics of Kohen are much more fun! :) He is so cute!!!

Kara and the Oosterhous Boys said...

Stephanie: Love following your blog. It puts a smile on my face. Little kohen looks just like you I think. Also, love the wedge flipflops, I have the same pair. How can this little tiny cheerleader I used to help be old enough for a baby and botox (read on fb) :-)! You are blessed on both accounts! Ha! Enjoy your little man.