Thursday, May 20, 2010


We had a severe thunderstorm come through Conway on Sunday. It was so LOUD. It literally shook our house every time it thundered. Kohen would look at me every time he heard the loud noise. I was texting my friends Ashley and Sherri (they live in my neighborhood) about how bad it was. Ashley and I were constantly updating the radar online to see what was going on. "Ned" called me TWICE to tell me about the severe thunderstorm in my area (I signed up for the KATV weather call). Anyway, I heard a loud "BOOM" at one point and thought to myself, "wow, something blew". Soon our electricity went out and soon after that I heard sirens. I texted about the sirens and Sherri said she saw fire trucks. Jason was playing golf with Ashley and Sherri's husbands in LR during all of this. When Jason got home and the storm was over, we took a golf cart ride around the neighborhood. This is what we saw... One of the houses down the street got hit by lightning!!! Their chimney was topped with copper...I don't know if that had anything to do with the lightning hitting but there were bricks everywhere! The whole top part of the chimney was just crumbled and all over the yard.
Kohen and I walked by the house the next day and saw "Danger" signs posted on the front door. They had people there clearing out the part of the house that was damaged by smoke and water (and lightning!). I took a few pics of the house...

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Melanie said...

when the computer guy came to fix my internet today he said that lightening struck us too. we had to get a new modem and cords? pretty scary after hearing your story, especially with all the storms out here!