Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jump Zone & Annuals

Melanie, Caroline, Graham, Kohen and I went to Jump Zone! I've never been. I was amazed at the HUGE jumping "things"! Of course Kohen pointed and said "Wow-wee" to everything :)

I slide down these slides with Kohen in my lap!

Kohen ended up being more interested in these cars (that he has at home too) than the big blow ups.

Baby Graham

Kohen and the cars :)

Caroline, Kohen and Graham (he's in the background)

We had such a great time!

We recently got our annuals planted. They're beautiful!!!

And we FINALLY got our fire pit working (now that it's summer, go figure...)


Mitzi said...

Kohen is a doll face!! And really... can I come sit in your backyard and drink coffee?? I love a good backyard! :)

Brandi said...

Your son is adorable! And your backyard is to die for!!! Awesome!!