Friday, May 21, 2010

Show Us Your Life

On "Kelly's Korner" blog this Friday the topic is "Show Us Your Life- Hometown". SO, I thought I would participate! I am going to sum up my hometown in pictures. I'm going about this a little different than Kelly. Instead of posting pics of my hometown, I'm posting pics of what my hometown "means" to me...things I think about when I think of my hometown...make sense??? Here is goes...

My hometown is Arkadelphia, Arkansas... 71923. I was born here on February 10, 1980. I lived in Arkadelphia for 23 years :)

"About an hour southwest of Little Rock"... this was always the answer for "Where is Arkadelphia?".

I attended St. Andrew's Methodist Church and First United Methodist Church in Arkadelphia.

Some of my earliest memories were at my preschool :)

I count myself lucky because I got to attend BOTH elementary schools in Arkadelphia.
I attended Perritt K-2nd grades....

... and I went to Central for 3rd grade....

4th - 6th grades I attended Peake....

....7th - 9th I went to Goza. Back then it was called "Goza Jr. High School". Now it's "Goza Middle School"...

7th grade was the first year I became a cheerleader. A "Beaver" Cheerleader! LOL! I cheered for Goza in 7th, 8th and 9th grades. I'm including cheerleading in all of this because it was such a HUGE part of my life! I cheered for 10 out of 23 years in Arkadelphia!

On to High School!

Go AHS Badgers!!!

And again I cheered for the Badgers in 10th, 11th and 12th grades...

This is a teeny tiny picture of the Badger Cheerleaders when I was in 10th grade...

I was also in Arkadelphia Gymnastics throughout Jr. High and high school... Again, something I always think about when I think about my hometown...

Ahhh.... Lake DeGray.... Not only does this lake remind me of fun times in Arkadelphia, but it also reminds me of WORK! I worked at the lodge for a summer :) I don't think we realized how lucky we were to have such a beautiful lake so close...

On to college! I went to college in Arkadelphia too. Henderson State University...Love it!

yep, I was also a college cheerleader!

One of the best decisions I made in college was joining Alpha Xi Delta Sorority! Such fun times!

I also cheered for Universal Cheerleaders Association...

This is the Captain Henderson House on the HSU campus. This house means a lot to me because this is where Jason and I had our wedding reception!

This is a picture of my Arkadelphia High School 10 year reunion (or at least some of my friends that attended). Notice I was BIG pregnant. They couldn't believe I came because my due date was the very next day!

My parents just recently sold their house in Arkadelphia. Some things I will always remember about our house:

* riding the bus
* living across the street from Terri
* breaking my collar bone on the driveway while riding a scooter
* roller racing
* the wall that I would practice my beam routine on
* helping mom in the yard
* seeing my first car parked in the driveway after coming home from cheerleading camp
* practicing for cheerleading try-outs with my friends in the front yard
* doing my first back-hand-spring in the front yard
* dad watering the grass
* covering the walls downstairs with magazine pages
* being grounded :)

Goodbye 304 Forrest Park Drive!!!

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Julee Turner said...

Love this post! If I had written a post about Arkadelphia it would have been strangely similar! :)